President Rivlin at Damascus Gate
President Rivlin at Damascus Gate Mark Neiman, GPO

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin arrived on Monday morning at Damascus Gate, where Border Police officer Hadas Malka was murdered on Friday night.

During his visit, Rivlin met with the soldiers, who briefed him on Friday's events.

"Thank you, my dears," Rivlin told the soldiers. "We have been guarding these walls for thousands of years already, for generations upon generations."

"We are here because we need to be here. We must allow every citizen to walk safely in Jerusalem, without fear. Even when there are threats, we stand here, positioned to defend the city, just as our forefathers did.

"It's been fifty years since I stood among the soldiers who liberated Jerusalem, and generations of soldiers have stood here since my time. Your children will, too.

"Today, I came to thank you again. The fact that you guard our city allows civilians and everyone else to move about freely.

"Terror wants us to disrupt our schedules, and the schedules of Jerusalem's residents. When you take risks in order to allow Jerusalem to remain open to all its visitors and residents, you are doing the most important job.

"Jerusalem is a microcosm, a representation of our ability to live normal lives here in Jerusalem, when the situation is so fragile and requires so much attention.

"Soldiers, I want to tell you think you. You are always with us. You are constantly in our hearts. I thank you for all your work, and I thank all those who have guarded Jerusalem over the ages.

"Sometimes, during peacetime, we lose our concentration a bit. Routine can confuse everyone."

After Rivlin's speech, the President's House staff unloaded boxes of chocolate cake sent by Nechama Rivlin. President Rivlin encouraged the soldiers to take a piece before it all disappeared.

"Whoever takes a piece is promised to have a better day," President Rivlin said. "Believe me, my dears."