MK Ilatov
MK Ilatov Flash 90

MK Robert Ilatov (Yisrael Beytenu) will submit on Monday a proposal which would strip Israeli-Arab terrorists of their citizenship and their families of their status as legal residents.

According to a report from Hebrew-language newspaper Israel Hayom, the proposal comes as a response to Friday night's terror attack, which killed Border Police Major Sergeant Hadas Malka and injured four others.

If passed, the bill would strip citizenship and any residency and work permits from those involved in destructive and hostile activities and from their families.

According to the bill, "Before any action is taken to strip citizenship and permanent residency status from a person, the Interior Minister will allow him or a family member of his to prove that he was not involved in crime, and to prevent the person in question from having their residency, citizenship, or permits from being stripped."

"Anyone who is stripped of their permits, residency, or citizenship will also be stripped of their National Insurance Institute benefits, in accordance with the existing laws."

"We will no longer allow the absurdity in which terrorists and their accomplices hold an Israeli identity card and enjoy all the benefits of being Israeli, but at the same time work to destroy Israel," Ilatov said.