air conditioning installation (illustration)
air conditioning installation (illustration) Flash 90

Jordan Valley residents preparing for the hot summer season were shocked to discover that that the ALEM company will not provide service and will not install air conditioners in their communities, even in educational institutions and nurseries.

An examination of the official order form, which constitutes a kind of contract between the customer and the company, reveals that the company's installation services do not reach additional areas, or in the language of the relevant section: "Air conditioning installations will not be possible in the following areas: East Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley, the northern Golan Heights, the Arava region, and settlements beyond the Green Line."

"It's unbelievable that in the Israel of 2017 an Israeli company unilaterally puts us outside of the fence and unilaterally and provocatively decides that the Jordan Valley is outside the borders of Israel - if this happened to the Arab village of Jaser Azraqa, the whole country would be in a state of turmoil," said an angry resident from the town of Hamdat who had requested an air conditioner for his home.

David Elhayani, the head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, angrily accused the company of discrimination. "I was shocked to see how an Israeli companhy consciously chooses to discriminate against thousands of Israeli citizens only because of their place of residence. This behavior discriminates against residents of the Jordan Valley, as well as residents of other places. It is a pity that in these times, when we are struggling with the world for our status and our rights, you have chosen to widen the rift in Israeli society and cut us off from the State of Israel, and I call upon you to immediately act to correct this [biased] and flawed policy. The residents of the Jordan Valley deserve to be equal citizens in the state and are entitled to receive services just like the residents of Tel Aviv, Eilat and Metulla."