The IDF ambulance
The IDF ambulance IDF spokesperson

Stones were thrown at an IDF ambulance on Saturday, after IDF medical staff arrived in the Samaria town of Yitzhar to treat a woman suffering from dehydration.

Upon its arrival in Yitzhar, Arabs from neighboring towns threw stones the ambulance, damaging its windshield.

No one was hurt in the attack.

On Friday, spikes were placed at a Samarian town's entrance to prevent security forces from entering it. A patrolling IDF team saw the spikes and turned their vehicle around.

"We emphasize that any type of harm caused to security forces who are doing their job and protecting the area's residents is taken very seriously," an IDF spokesperson said, emphasizing that a red line had been crossed. "We will continue working to enforce law and order in Judea and Samaria."

Yitzhar's management said, "This is a serious event, and we strongly oppose it."

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