Muslims in London
Muslims in London Reuters

On Saturday, a march is to take place in the city of Cologne in Germany called “Not With Us.”

According to the organizers of the march, some 10,000 Muslims living in Germany are to be in attendance, and they will demonstrate against the terror acts of extremist Muslims.

“The attacks carried out by people justifying their actions with Islam - unjustifiably - are increasing. Our faith is being exploited for the worse. It is being sullied, disgraced and distorted into something unrecognizable. We must stand against the terrorists,” the Central Council of Muslims in Germany wrote on its website.

Aiman Isaac, Chairman of the Council, said that “We must go out to the streets and express that we are fighting for the unity of our society and condemn the extremism. I call on all Muslims in Germany to come to the march and participate.”

Even so, there are Muslim organizations in Germany opposing the march against terror. The Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs, which includes 900 communities across Germany, expressed opposition to the march and called on its members not to participate.

“The calls for Muslim demonstrations against terror mark Muslims and miss the target. They define terror as only connected to Muslims, their communities and mosques. Everyone bears responsibility for the war on terror, not just Muslims. It is a mistaken type of action and a false signal [conveying] exclusive responsibility of Muslims for terror,” the Union said.