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MK Uri Maklev (United Torah Judaism) wrote to the Jerusalem District Commander, Yoram Halevi, asking to clarify the closure of access to the Western Wall due to the fast of Ramadan.

He sent his letter following reports that hundreds of worshipers who sought to reach the Western Wall plaza last week were forced to return after police closed all access roads to the Western Wall for the first time.

"The very creation of such a situation in which the Western Wall was closed to Jews is a serious turnabout that deviates from the basic and unambiguous principle that the Western Wall is the remnant of our Temple. It is absolutely impossible to agree to a change in this clear and accepted understanding," wrote Maklev to Halevi.

In his letter MK Machlev stresses that great suffering was caused to many people who travelled from afar to make their way to the Western Wall, from the outskirts of the city and beyond it, among them many who regularly pray at the Western Wall every day or every Friday night.

"We know the great responsibility placed on the shoulders of the police, but what you have to see before you is the good of the worshipers. To prevent access as happened - is a blow to the public. I ask you to examine this event with the aim of preventing the recurrence of such incidents."