Former Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon
Former Defense Minister Moshe YaalonReuters

Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon criticized the Netanyahu government today (Monday) at the Israel Peace Conference of Haaretz.

"The division of Israeli politics between right and left is simplistic," says Ya'alon, "What I am saying - Menachem Begin would have said as well. His son is the only one who still represents this line in the government. Including in his wars. He voted against the Regulation Law, which is unconstitutional and it is clear to everyone that it is unconstitutional. They say cynically - vote, it's good for us, the High Court will in any case disqualify it."

Ya'alon also addressed the security situation in the Gaza Strip. "There is a deep awareness among the IDF leadership about the need to maintain balance in the Gaza Strip. Nearly three years ago, Hamas did not fire one bullet into our territory while other elements try to deteriorate. The right combination is sticks and carrots. Sticks for those who raise their heads while on the other hand allowing the Gazans to live their lives. Even after we cut off, they are still connected to our water, to our electricity."

Regarding the new American administration, Ya'alon said, "When I look at the fact that there is a new administration in the US and I hear that it's time to annex the territories and build on every hill, I'm not there. I do not want a binational state, but I understand that there is not going to be a permanent settlement in the foreseeable future. Not because of us. Enough blaming ourselves.

"Trump's visit to the region was more symbolic, he clarified a few things and took steps that have already changed the balance of power in the region. Syria's attack, with the use of chemical weapons, has already introduced order ... The Iranians will not dare today to attack an American destroyer, as happened in Obama's day. The fact is that he stood in Riyadh and said, 'I'm with the Sunni camp', has significance. There are changes here that could affect the strategic situation," Ya'alon concluded.