You won't believe how funny leftist organizations are. A veritable binge of madcap hilarity.

A campaign of the so-called Coalition of Women for Peace is currently being held against what they define as the "marketing of Israeli death", no less. The campaign is against the sale of Israeli arms to many countries around the world. As part of the campaign, a special conference was held, and a riotous protest demonstration was held at the exhibition in Tel Aviv.

The leaders of the struggle say in their statement to the media that "Israeli weapons have been used more than once for genocide, slaughter, and suppression of civil resistance, while perpetuating violence against women and rape as a method of suppression in war centers, while instilling war and violence within Israeli society." Ostensibly a just, noble, and moral goal. What is more correct and sublime than preserving Israeli purity of arms and preventing barbaric murders around the world?

So where does humor begin in this pure and holy story? A few lines down, in the press release's continuation. Where details emerge of the wonderful coalition that is concerned with purity of arms and prevention of genocide.

The organization is described as "a feminist organization established in November 2000, with the outbreak of the second intifada, in which the coalition joins women from a wide range of sectors and identities, and is committed to the struggle to end the occupation and to create a just society." The list of prominent political campaigns led by the coalition in recent years includes the campaign to lift the siege on Gaza, public protest against the Second Lebanon War, and the attack on Gaza.

When I read these lines, a few unanswered questions arise:

  • If you, dear and peace-loving women, do not sell arms to murderous organizations, why did we not hear your voice against the transfer of weapons to the Hamas organization that fires rockets and sends suicide bombers into Israeli population centers? Or is the murder of Jews not genocide?
  • If you really find brutal massacres distasteful, how come you did not come out against the massacres of Hamas members in Fatah? And what about the massacres and abuse of Fatah members against Abbas' opponents? And what about the abuse of these two Christians? (And we have not yet talked about killing Jews, because Jews, as you know, do not count.) For some reason at that moment your pure voice died.
  • If you really yearn for peace, how does it fit with the desire to liberate the Gaza Strip for free entry and export of concrete and weapons used for firing and digging trenches? I would expect you to demand, in the name of the longed-for peace, the tightening of the siege on the Gaza Strip, at least as long as Hamas does not throw its weapons into the sea of Gaza and build there peace initiatives for growth and prosperity.But that does not happen, because there are apparently weapons that, despite everything, are pure in your eyes, and in order for them to be pure, they must be held in anti-Israel hands.
  • How do you reconcile (and I write with the assumption, perhaps naïvely, that you are rational women) the struggle against weapons and striving for peace with what you have defined as a commitment to end the occupation? What exactly will be there on the day that your rosy dream comes true and the "occupation" ends? Singapore or Damascus? And please reply without pretending innocence. After all, you also remember what the change of government in the Gaza Strip democracy looked like when the Fatah people were thrown from the roofs (those who were not marched in disgrace in their underwear to the city square in order to undergo a barbaric lynch in front of an inflamed crowd, including small children whom it is very important to educate on enlightened Palestinian moral values), and if it is difficult for you to imagine and remember, please Google a bit the news headlines from a few years ago.
  • You also wrote that you are against oppression. Fine, but what exactly does Hamas do to Gaza residents? Is not that oppression?
  • And if you are so furious about selling weapons to cruel military organizations, I could not understand why you conducted a campaign against the Second Lebanon War whose sole purpose was to neutralize a cruel military organization called Hezbollah and bring some quiet to our northern border.What, you don't want peace and quiet on the northern border?What, it's not clear to you, therefore, that the presence of a terrorist organization armed with Iranian weapons on the northern border is not exactly the recipe for peace and quiet?
  • And since I heard a rumor that the status of women is important to the women of your coalition, I have to find out exactly how this fits in with the assassination culture of family honor, the status of women in the Gaza Strip, and the sending of women who have become dissolute according to the religious leaders of the PA, to perform terrorist suicide bombings. Is this included in your long-awaited quest for peace and a rosy future?
  • And what about this term you wrote about, "a just society"?Come on, how does this term fit in with your striving for a state based on enlightened Palestinian values like those I mentioned here?

In short, Dear Women of Peace, to me the main question remains - what should I do now, cry or laugh?

(P.S. Maybe I'm just naïve? I didn't actually say anything novel and you know everything written here, and behind this anti-Israeli-weapon campaign stand no morals or values, no principles or ideas, but rather just a desire to see the Israeli economy collapse? Could that be?)