Riots in Kfar Qasem, tonight
Riots in Kfar Qasem, tonight Israel Police

The severe night events in Kafr Qasem began with the routine detention of a person driving in a suspicious vehicle, and developed into a violent disturbance that resulted in the death of a young resident of the village.

Sergeant N., a police officer who was part of the force that made the first arrest and was attacked by the crowd, spoke today about the savage incident he experienced.

"In the course of an operation in the city of Kafr Qasem, in light of the recent events, we conducted a routine patrol in the city and spotted a suspicious vehicle, and the unit checked the driver and within a few minutes a large number of people gathered around us and started rioting at the site," said Sergeant N.

According to him, "the disturbances included throwing stones and physically assaulting the policemen, during which the policemen felt their lives to be threatened and fired into the air to escape the crowd, while the force managed to arrest the two suspects. One suspect who attacked the force, and the same suspect we initially inspected."

Sergeant N. notes that the team was in mortal danger: "A number of vehicles rammed into the jeep while driving and blocked our way. We managed to get out and arrest the suspects. As we were driving, we noticed a number of vehicles going up in flames. We drove to the nearest police station, transferred the detainees, and immediately returned to the village to deal with the disturbances."

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