United Nations building in New York
United Nations building in New York YERPO

Representatives of the radical left-wing NGO B’Tselem are set to attend an anti-Israel conference planned for later this month at the United Nations, Yediot Ahronot has reported.

According to the report, B’Tselem chief Hagai El-Ad has been invited to speak at a two-day conference at the United Nations under the banner “Ending the Occupation: The Path to Independence, Justice, and Peace for Palestine”.

The pro-Palestinian conference will include a panel discussion entitled “The Costs and Consequences of 50 Years of Occupation”, along with various other forums and addresses by guest speakers.

This is not the first time El-Ad has travelled to the UN to bash Israel; in October 2016 El-Ad chastised Israel in an address at the international body, later adding in a follow-up comment via Facebook that the world was obliged to “intervene” against the Jewish state.

“The reality will not change if the world does not intervene,” El-Ad wrote. “Intervention by the world against the occupation is just as legitimate as any human-rights issue. It’s all the more so when it involves an issue like our ruling over another people. This is no internal Israeli matter. It is blatantly an international matter.”

Responding to the Yediot report, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon blasted El-Ad, calling B’Tselem’s participation in the event “an embarrassment”.

“It's a complete disgrace that an Israeli group is helping the Palestinians harm Israel at the podium of the UN,” said Danon.

“B’Tselem is continuing its obsessive attempts to defame Israel in front of the world, and are taking advantage of their status as an Israeli organization in order to legitimize incitement against us.”