Jar of lollipops
Jar of lollipops iStock

Candy manufacturer and importer "Carmit" announced a safety hazard in one of their products.

All "Mamtakei Hakesem Shel Lani" strawberry-flavored lollipops with an expiration date of December 12-18, 2018 are affected.

A production defect causes these lollipops to be easily removed from the plastic "stem," presenting a choking hazard if the lollipop is accidentally swallowed.

Carmit asks consumers not to use the product, and to call the company's customer service to receive credit towards future purchases.

"The company is working to remove the affected products from supermarket shelves," a Carmit representative said. "We have notified the Health Ministry of the issue, and apologize for the error."

"We will continue working to ensure all our products are of the highest quality."

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