Benzi Gopstein
Benzi Gopstein Eliran Aharon

The Israel Police acted to prevent demonstrations against the President of the State during his visit to Kiryat Arba on Thursday, marking the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Judea and Samaria during the Six Day War.

President Reuven Rivlin was invited to deliver a speech in a celebration of the jubilee, including a performance by the stars Shlomi Shabat and Yishai Ribo, but the police were afraid of the demonstration against Rivlin and worked to thwart it.

Police from the Hevron area arrived at the home of the chairman of the organization, Bentzi Gopstein, and asked to locate him, and after he was contacted, they told him that the purpose of the visit was to prevent him from protesting against President Rivlin.

"This evening there is a show, I ask you not to do things that in the future may be interpreted as an offense, do not provoke provocations, be careful about doing things," the officer said.

A short while later, the officer called again and asked Gopstein to report to the Beitar Illit police station, apparently in order to hold a preventive detention and not allow Gopstein to be in Kiryat Arba during the show.

"The Israel Police continues the tradition of silencing," Gopstein said in response. "They are not willing to accept a legitimate demonstration against the same person who accuses the Jewish people of choosing terrorism. They must understand that freedom of expression and freedom to demonstrate is the breath of democracy."

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir said in response that "the police are crossing another red line and on days when they talk about shutting down mouths and preventing protests in front of private homes, the police step up and try to prevent criticism of the president in a public appearance.

"I just hope that those who raise democracy in their throats in protest against Mandelblit will also fight for Gopstein's freedom of expression in opposition to Reuvin Rivlin," added attorney Ben Gvir.

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