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University of San Francisco, a Jesuit school, no less, is presenting a lecture event on June 2, that will feature Aarab Barghouti as the guest speaker. Marwan, his father, is currently serving five life sentences in prison in Israel for specific murders, but bears responsibility for the murders of over 100 men, women and children in terrorist attacks in the Jewish state, some of them U.S. citizens.

“Only Israeli propaganda presents him as a terrorist," Aarab, the terrorist murderer's youngest son, is quoted as saying. "Nelson Mandela was also portrayed as a terrorist. He spent 27 years in prison. And then he became a hero and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. My father is a terrorist exactly like Nelson Mandela. To the Israelis I want to say: If you admire Mandela, you should know that my father is repeating Mandela’s story. And if you do not esteem Mandela, I don’t care what you think. I am certain that one day the Israelis will reach the conclusion that the only solution is peace, and you will never have another partner like him. One day, the Israelis will see who Marwan Barghouti is.”

Marwan, Aarab’s father organized a hunger strike of Palestinian terrorist prisoners that just ended. Barghouti was filmed on a hidden camera eating food after he urged his fellow killers to continue to starve themselves. The strikers were demanding "necessities" like more cable TV channels, unlimited access to cell phones and increased visitation, plus free enrollment and courses for Master’s Degrees and PhD’s that Israeli taxpayers would cover. Ending the strike after he was caught on hidden camera surreptitiously eating in the bathroom, Barghouti - who was not allowed to attend the meeting with prison officials - and his acolytes were given only a renewal of the one extra visit per month by family that had been paid for by the Red Cross and will now be paid for by the Palestinian Authority.

No demands of Israel or the Israeli prison system were met.

Barghouti’s son would have University of San Francisco bands of youthful useful idiots believe that his father is another Nelson Mandela who is being politically persecuted. USF might just as easily stage a tribute to Charles Manson. Manson, however, didn’t murder as many people though he also murdered a pregnant American woman.

The “Palestinian revolution” hopes to deceive American audiences into thinking that Palestinian Arab terrorists are fighting an apartheid perpetrated by the Jews in Israel, but which is entirely a figment of their imaginatiion.. In fact, the case is just the opposite; Twenty-one per cent of Israeli citizens are Arabs who have the same civil rights as Jews by law. These Arabs have the right to vote, including equal rights for women, and Israel has Arab soldiers, doctors, policemen, judges, diplomats, college professors - you name it. This is the case within the pre-1967 Armistice Lines. That leaves the Palestinian Arabs in Areas A and B (A, B, C are Oslo Accord delineations) of Judea and Samaria who are governed by the Palestinian Authority and not by Israel, while a small number who live in Area C, governed by Israel, would be granted Israeli citizenship if they agreed to accept it.

In contrast, Palestinian Authority leaders all say absolutely no Jews may live in a Palestinian state if one is established, the same as in other Arab states. That’s the reality. That's apartheid.

It is an abomination that America’s centers of learning insist on allowing the Palestinian terrorist movement to brainwash the student bodies with such a fallacious lie.

Mandela did fight a genuine apartheid system, Barghouti sought to perpetuate the Arab Muslim pogroms against Middle Eastern Jews. It is little more than encouraging the goals of a police-state-in-the -making among college-aged millennials. This is part of a well-laid plan enlisting Jewish “front groups” like Jewish Voice for Peace that ultimately voice their support and give standing ovations to Jew-killers like Aarab’s father.

The number of “political prisoners” that Aarab Barghouti and his acolytes are demanding be released is put by them at 1,500. That’s the number of terrorists with blood on their hands. Less than 900 actually went on hunger strike with Aarab’s father. These are hardcore terrorists who murdered Israelis and Americans and were tried in courts of law for killing both Jews and non-Jews, pregnant women and children. Murder is deemed a political act by this crowd and that fuzzy logic is accepted by a state-sponsored educational institution as “academic freedom” to be promulgated among the campus community.

Although founded as a Jesuit university to promote education, USF has featured BDS speakers in the past. It seems good Catholics don’t mind starving out the Jews if Arab irredentists tell them it’s for a good cause.

The younger Barghouti is presenting a “saltwater challenge” where supporters of his murderous father can drink saltwater to symbolize the only sustenance the Palestinian terrorists engaging in the hunger strike were allegedly taking. (When Barghouti was filmed eating candy we can suppose it was merely to wash the salt taste from his mouth.)

Aarab Barghouti tugs at heartstrings when talking about what a man of peace his father is. He will urge his audience to drink saltwater with him to support his noble father, the Arab “man of peace” who murders women and children.

His father wants a “peace” where Jews no longer have a Jewish state next to an Arab one, he wants one state where Arabs march over the graves of dead Jews. Thank the Palestinian movement for poisoning academia that once was a source of enlightenment, turning it into a stage for deception by Jew-killers. Sadly, American college administrators are too weak-kneed to do anything about it.

Lee Kaplan heads Stop the ISM. He is an investigative journalist and contributor to Front Page Magazine, senior intelligence analyst and communications director for the Northeast Intelligence Network, and also heads Defending America for Knowledge and Action (DAFKA).