David Citadel, Jerusalem
David Citadel, Jerusalem Mendy Hechtman/Flash 90

50 people have been chosen to represent the Citadel Museum's "50 years- 50 faces" project.

Among those receiving honored status on the site is the terrorist Ali Jadda, a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) who participated in an attack on Jews and sat in jail until he was released in the 1985 "Jibril Deal."

The project, which appears on the internet site of the Museum for Jerusalem's History, tells of Jadda's youth and of his feelings in the wake of the liberation of the the Old City where he resided.

"But the new era did not favor him and he became acquainted with the hatred and tension which still simmered under the surface. Border police arrested him and humiliated him in front of passersby. Even at home in the Old City, Ali was witness to the difficult ramifications of the new situation. The Israelis, drunk with victory and joy, did as they wished in the Old City. They entered his city, neighborhood and community with crudeness and arrogance as if there had never been any residents in the city. All this was too much for Ali who joined the PFLP which arose after the occupation..."

Jadda was one of the perpetrators of the "night of grenades" in 1968 and he and his friends threw grenades at innocent passersby on Strauss street in Jerusalem.

He was caught and sentenced to 20 years in jail of which he served 17 before he was released in the 1985 deal freeing terrorists in return for Israeli captives, known as the "Jibril Deal."

The museum responded by stating that "the documentary project '50 years 50 faces' brings the stories of people who lived and are living in the city of Jerusalem.'