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The residents of the Samarian community of Migdalim are suffering from a serious water shortage due to the fact that local Arabs have been diverting water from pipes in the area.

Last summer, residents suffered from a serious water shortage which led the authorities to implement existing plans to improve the water infrastructure to Samaria after these plans had been delayed for political reasons.

Moreover a new well, "Ariel 1" was drilled to provide water to the communities in the region.

Despite this, Migdalim continues to suffer from a serious shortage of water due to diversion of waters by the Arab villages surrounding it. The problem has been raised in the Knesset's Interior Committee and has also been presented to the Civil Administration, the Water Authority and other relevant officials.

The Water Authority's supervisors did not succeed in preventing the theft of water despite all of their efforts. Plans for an infrastructure which would solve the problem have not been approved by the Civil Administration.

The 80 families living in Migdalim are extremely nervous after the ordeal they went through last summer.

Yossi Dagan, the head of the Samaria Regional Council, said that "we call on the Civil Administration and the regional supervisor to act with determination to stop the theft of water.

Dagan spoke about the matter with Infrastructure Minister Dr, Yuval Steinitz (Likud) and said that the community awaits the Civil Authority's authorization to connect a new pipe from Shiloh, as well as other pipes which will provide a solution to the water shortage.

Dagan added that the Arabs in the area will also suffer water shortages in the summer. "It is clear that if the matter will not be addressed immediately, it will get worse."