Rivka and Yehuda Hayisraeli
Rivka and Yehuda HayisraeliCourtesy of the family

Rivka Hayisraeli, the young wife of Yehuda Hayisraeli, who was critically injured in 2014's Operation Protective Edge, wrote on her Facebook page that she is "starting down a new road" but did not elaaborate.

Yehuda Hayisraeli suffered a severe head injury during the war, and remained in a coma for over a year. The couple's second child, a son, was circumcised in Be'er Sheva's Soroka Hospital, outside his father's hospital room.

Yehuda is currently living with his parents and undergoing intensive rehabilitation. He led the Jerusalem Marathon this year in his wheelchair. Ordinary Israelis raised over a million shekels to help renovate his home to be handicapped accessible when the government refused to do so because it was over the Green Line.

Dozens of Facebook friends responded to Rivka's post, encouraging her.

"You're brave, you're strong, you're amazing. I wish you only good things and happiness on your new journey!" one person wrote.

"Tons and tons of strength and success! may you do what is best for you," wrote another.

"G-d wanted to give you unnatural strengths. So you will be able to overcome everything. Rivki, my love, you're amazing!" wrote a third.

According to the Hebrew-language news site Mako, Rivka last month opened a divorce file at the rabbinical court.

The decision came after she spoke with the couple's rabbi - the same rabbi who had married them, the same rabbi who had accompanied them on their long journey.

Her main fear was that Yehuda's family, busy with his rehabilitation, would feel hurt that she had made this decision.

She did not want to hurt either Yehuda or his family.

"A week after the family sat with Rivka, she received her get (religious divorce)," a family member said. "The exact time was scheduled to fit with Yehuda's schedule, and the rabbinic judges were amazingly cooperative."

"They needed to see that Yehuda was clear enough and functioning enough to execute the divorce. Not every judge agrees to take such a responsibility on his shoulders, and we weren't sure it would happen until the last moment. First, they had to make sure he understood what he was doing.

"Everyone cried in the end. Yehuda cried, too.

"Only when we saw that Yehuda was able to place the get in Rivka's hands, did we know it was final."

The rabbinical court was not flummoxed by the request, even though it is unprecedented.

Rivka said, "I have nothing to add. Everything I had to say, I wrote in my Facebook post."

"You need to understand that this is a sad end, it's complicated, and it's a sensitive topic for all involved."

Rivka's full post:

G-d wanted us to meet that first time, five and a half years ago.

G-d wanted us to continue to a second date, even though the first date wasn't that great.

G-d wanted us to marry, and to build our home together.

G-d wanted us to have two children, a girl and a boy.

G-d wanted us to have two and a half amazing years together.

G-d wanted me to merit being by your side, to absorb you, to learn so many things from you.

G-d wanted you to fight in the war, even though you were supposed to start a commander's course.

G-d wanted you to get a piece of shrapnel in your head, which would injure you very badly, specifically you - the only one of your group to be injured.

G-d wanted you to be unconscious for a long time.

G-d wanted us to go through ups and downs, endless thoughts, questions, and dilemmas.

G-d wanted you to wake up, progress very slowly, but you'll never be the same person.

Gd wanted us to check, to try, to think.

G-d wanted us to understand that in this situation, there's only one path for us.

G-d wanted to leave me an opening.

G-d wanted me to start down a new road.