Mom's Chicken
Mom's ChickenMom's Chicken

Mom’s Chicken, the most beloved and recognized brand in its industry amongst Israeli consumers, is now available in the frozen foods section at local supermarkets in your area.

The series of Mom’s Chicken products runs the gamut from Chicken Breast Stars and Crispy Chicken Breast Jungle-shaped Schnitzels to Grill Chicken Fillets and Gluten-Free Coated Chicken Breast Strips, providing a unique, high-quality solution to parents and children who are gluten sensitive.

Mom’s Chicken is made from 100% premium chicken breast, with zero trans fat and artificial coloring. Just pop Mom’s Chicken in the oven and in a few minutes, you’ll be able to serve your family a delicious meal.

“Now, mothers and kids across the USA can discover the quality that moms in Israel have relied upon for years and the taste that kids love to come back to over and over again, whether for lunch or at the dinner table,” CEO and President of Tnuva US Yoram Behiri said.

The Mom’s Chicken line of products are glatt kosher and are under strict supervision of the OU (Orthodox Union).