Floating in the Dead Sea
Floating in the Dead SeaFlash 9i0

A female MDA paramedic was attacked on Saturday by the partner of a woman whom the medic was treating in the Dead Sea area.

Initial investigations found that, at 6 pm, a woman arrived at the Dead Sea MDA center, saying that she did not feel well. She was accompanied by her partner, a man of about 40.

The medic started to inquire about her condition in order to identify the problem and verify that the woman was not suffering from heat stroke or dehydration, in which case patients are not alert or aware of their surroundings . The partner, according to the complaint, would not allow the medic to make inquiries into the woman’s condition, and started shouting that only he should be the one to speak. He then attacked the medic, kicking and punching her.

Police who arrived at the scene arrested the attacker and transferred him to police of the nearby city of Arad. Today, police are to request an extension of his arrest. The paramedic was brought to Soroka hospital and is suffering from two broken bones and bruises all over her body.

MDA Chairman, Eli Bin, said, “We’re talking about a severe attack against MDA staff which cannot be ignored. I call on Israeli Police and law enforcement authorities to exhaust the limits of the law against the attacker and, thus, convey an important message. We as a society must condemn all violence of this sort against medical staff."

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