Ismail Haniyeh
Ismail HaniyehReuters

Senior Iranian officials are expressing hope that the appointment of new Hamas terrorist organization leader Ismail Haniyeh to head Hamas will bring about a policy strengthening the ties between them.

Kassam Soleimani, a commander in the Iran’s Al-Quds Brigades, sent a letter to Haniyeh, congratulating him on his appointment as the new leader of Hamas.

In a letter published by Iranian news agency Mehr, Soleimani said that he expects a strengthening of ties with Hamas on the basis of jihad against “the arrogance of the world” (meaning the US) and its satellite, “Zionism,” which are “working to divert the jihad of the nation from its Islamic compass.”

He emphasized that, within this context, all efforts need to be devoted to the service of “Palestine.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also emphasized in a letter to Haniyeh the continued support of Iran for struggle of the “Palestinian people” until “the Israeli occupation is removed.”