Stone throwing
Stone throwingiStock

Children from the town of Havat Ma'on in the southern Hevron hills were attacked on Tuesday by Arabs who live in the nearby hills.

Rabbi Yehoyeriv Megurei Cohen, Rosh Yeshiva (Dean) of the King David Yeshiva in Havat Ma'on, told Arutz Sheva that even though the illegal Arab outpost nearby was evacuated, the Arabs continue to harass and assault the residents of Havat Ma'on.

"Yesterday there were two children who were walking around the hills near the town, when they came across six Arabs who were on their way down one of the hills.. The children crouched down [in fear] and the Arabs threw rocks at them," Rabbi Cohen said

The Arabs managed to escape, "We were able to see three Arabs fleeing towards the outpost near Havat Ma'on, an illegal outpost of Arabs from the nearby village, built by them to harass the Jewish residents."

"The army has already cleared them [out of the illegal outpost] one time, and they have reestablished the outpost. W e reported the incident to the Havat Ma'on emergency patrol, the IDF, and the police. Unfortunately, by the time they had all arrived the attackers had already disappeared."