Uber צילום: iStock

The Transportation Ministry filed an indictment against the Uber Company for transporting paid passengers without a permit from the ministry, as required by law.

The indictment against Uber was filed by the National Claims Unit of the Transport Ministry following a covert investigation spanning several months conducted by investigators of the Supervision and Investigations Department of the National Authority for Public Transport in the Transport Ministry.

In addition, an indictment was filed for operation of paid passenger transportation services in violation of the law against the acting director of the Uber Company and six other drivers who privately provided transportation for pay. As part of the investigation, investigators from the Transportation Ministry pretended to be innocent passengers and hired car trips.

According to the indictment, Uber recruited drivers to operate a private transportation service without a transportation license, while charging 25% of the cost of each ride in private vehicles. The travel bookings were made using a special application.

The Uber company, its administration, and private drivers who unlawfully transported passengers are charged with three main charges: Non-compliance with the duty to possess a business license, non-compliance with the duty to possess an operating license, and transporting passengers for pay.