Laying the cornerstone for the US Embassy
Laying the cornerstone for the US Embassy Golan Semer

The international Betar Movement, together with dozens of its members from Israel and abroad, on Sunday night held a ceremony placing the cornerstone of the US Embassy in Jerusalem's Allenby Square, in the hope that the new Embassy building will be constructed at the site.

Betar Chairman Neriya Meir said, "We are aware of the diplomatic difficulties, and we understand that the first step is always the most difficult to take."

"We are here today to help take the first step, and we call on the US to build the Embassy in Jerusalem without concern for the difficulties.

"Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem is equivalent to the US recognizing the Jewish nation's right to its capital of Jerusalem. There is no greater statement of this fact than moving the US Embassy in the fiftieth year since Jerusalem's liberation."