First aid course in Uman
First aid course in Uman Ukraine Hatzalah

An 18-year-old haredi youth was found unconscious in a residential apartment near Rabbi Nachman's gravesite in Uman, Ukraine.

The youth, who is in critical condition, is a resident of Jerusalem.

Medical teams administered first aid and attempted to resuscitate him.

Ukraine's Hatzalah said, "An Israeli youth was found unconscious, not breathing, and without a pulse in the apartment he was staying in."

"Our friend Mr. Yedidya Meltzer happens to be in the Ukraine right now. Yedidya is a certified Magen David Adom instructor, who is teaching a first aid course to Uman's Jews. He hurried to the scene and began performing CPR, together with the course students.

"After intensive CPR, the victim's pulse returned and he was transferred to the local hospital.

"His condition is critical."

The public is asked to pray for Simcha Meir the son of Ruth.