Damage to car
Damage to carPersonal picture

H, a resident of the Jewish community of Shavei Shomron in Samaria, was making his way home yesterday when the road was blocked by a mass gathering of Arabs who blocked the entry to the community. After they discovered that he was Jewish they started attacking him and his car.

"I left my workplace for lunch and when I got to the entrance to my community I saw Palestinian flags on the road and a bunch of Arabs grouped together," he recalled.

He said that at first the Arabs did not discern that he was Jewish. "I also speak Arabic so I got out of the car, spoke with them and photographed them. The moment they realized I'm Jewish everything changed."

Suddenly they started pushing me and punching me. When I saw the situation I got into my car and locked myself in. I wanted to escape, but they began pushing the car and moving it in all directions," he said.

H said that even when the army came, it took a long time for the army to overcome the rioters. "Even when the army came and began evacuating them using stun grenades, they continued to get on the car and shake it. It took the soldiers about half an hour to take control of the situation." H suffered from minor bruises but his car was damaged in the incident.

After the attack and after H submitted a complaint with police, Attorney Haim Bleicher of the Honenu organization sent a letter to police demanding a full investigation of the incident and that the rioters be apprehended and punished.

"We submitted the request so that the legal system will give the incident its proper attention," said Bleicher. "This was not just a regular incident, this was a real terror event. Evidence should be gathered from the site, including surveillance cameras and other evidence in order to find the rioters and punish them severely."