Danny Yatom
Danny YatomFlash 90

Former Mossad Chief Danny Yatom on Wednesday spoke on Radio FM-103 about The Washington Post's article on US President Donald Trump's alleged intelligence leaks to Russia.

"I don't know what the leaks were about, but according to the reports, this information was highly sensitive and may present a threat to the source's life," Yatom said.

"According to American media, the source is an Israeli spy who is currently part of ISIS forces and in a dangerous position. This information may endanger not only the person himself, but also the technological system he uses.

"Trump's actions may cause severe damage to Israel's security, if we lose touch with the source.

"In addition, there is a concern the information will reach Iran.

"If the reports are true, I assume the Mossad will do everything it can to ensure its source will continue to provide information at a later date, and will do everything necessary to rescue him, if need be.

"The concern is that this sensitive information will be leaked from the Russians to other sources, each of whom have their own interests. Those interests may be in conflict with US or Israeli interests.

"The little bit that has made it to the media is dangerous, severe, and highly unusual. Working on the assumption that the Russians know more than the media, there is an enormous concern that this information will be passed on and cause irreparable damage.

"Israel and the United States have worked together on intelligence for many years. If the information shared between the two countries is not kept completely confidential, the trust will evaporate and we will find ourselves in the midst of a huge crisis which will negatively influence our relationship.

"Irrespective of the relationship between the two countries, we must ensure the safety of the sources."

According to Yatom, if our sources cease being useful because of improper use of information we give the US, Israel will have a problem.

"We need to punish the Americans, and it's possible," Yatom continued. "In order to ensure Trump does not succumb to temptation, we need to refrain from giving him information, or give him partial information only, so he will not be able to pass it on to a third party. This way, no one will be in any danger."

"The President of the United States has a right to take classified information and decide it should no longer be classified. He's the commander-in-chief.

"But if he does that, Israel will refrain from sharing information with him in the future."