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Seth Rich, the Democrat party activist who was assassinated in Washington last year, is the man who provided WikiLeaks' internal party emails - a leak that hurt Hillary Clinton's chances of being elected, according to sources in the law-enforcement authorities.

The report is featured at the top of the Fox News website, and for good reason. Opponents of the Clinton family have for many years been pointing to a series of mysterious deaths among people who have hurt the Clinton couple in one way or another. Rich's death, on July 10, was immediately accompanied by rumors that there was a connection between him and the leakage of the emails, but at the time these hypotheses seemed unfounded.

Now that the Fox News Network reports from authoritative sources that Rich was indeed the man who leaked the Democratic emails to Wikileaks, there is likely to be a media and public storm with demands by the Republicans to deepen the investigation into whether there is a connection between the Clintons and/or others in the Democratic party and the murder of Rich.

Rich, a 27-year-old Jew, was murdered a few meters from the door of his house while he was doing morning exercise. He was shot in the back, and the killer did not steal anything from him-even though he carried a wallet, a cell phone, and a necklace worth $2,000.

A federal investigator who reviewed materials the FBI took from Rich's computer within the first 96 hours after the murder said that Rich had contacted Wikileaks through investigative reporter Gavin McFaiden, who worked for WikiLeaks.

The researcher said that more than 44,000 emails and 17,000 attachments sent by Democratic Party leaders were transferred by Rich to McFeidan before May 21.

Less than two weeks after the murder, WikiLeaks published emails showing that top party officials conspired to undermine Bernie Sanders' candidacy. The leaks caused some Sanders supporters to act against Clinton and undermine her political power.

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, offered a cash prize to anyone who would bring information that would lead to the capture of Rich's murderer. He hinted that there was a connection between Rich and WikiLeaks. "Our sources take risks, and they start worrying when they see things like that," he said of the murder.