Western Wall
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A senior US administration official told Israeli officials that the Western Wall was not in Israeli territory and was part of the 'West Bank,' Channel 2 reported.

According to the report, sources close to the Prime Minister asked that Netanyahu and an Israeli TV crew accompany Trump to the Western Wall, but the Americans refused, claiming that it was a private visit.

The senior official also reportedly told the Israelis, "This is an area that is in dispute, the Western Wall is not Israeli territory and is located in the 'West Bank.'" This aroused the ire of the Israelis who heard it and they retorted angrily..

Sources in charge of Trump's visit were quoted as saying that "this is Trump's show, all the rest are extras, including Prime Minister Netanyahu ... The statement that the Western Wall is territory in the West Bank was received with astonishment ... Israel is convinced that this statement is contrary to President Trump's policy, as it was expressed in his behavior and his fierce opposition to the last Security Council resolution."

It has been reported that Israel has asked for direct clarification from the American administration on this issue.