Meir Goldstein
Meir GoldsteinFlash 90

A psychiatric statement on Monday was submitted to the Nazareth District Court, in response to the indictment of Meir Goldstein.

According to the statement, Goldstein was not in charge of his faculties at the time of the murder.

The indictment charges Goldstein with murdering his wife Odel in Tiberias in March of this year.

The couple divorced approximately one month before the murder. On the day of the murder, Goldstein arrived at his ex-wife's home, claiming he wanted to collect various personal belongings. She allowed him into the apartment, and went into the bathroom.

After pretending to exit the house, Goldstein took a knife from the kitchen, and attacked his ex-wife as she exited the bathroom, stabbing her multiple times until she died.

Goldstein's lawyer said his client does not fully understand what he has done.

"He says that his 'tikkun' [soul correction - ed.] is to spend time in jail," the attorney said. "He doesn't understand why the judge sent him to a hospital and not to jail."

The court will discuss the district psychiatrist's statement in two weeks.