Trump speaks at Holocaust Memorial Museum
Trump speaks at Holocaust Memorial MuseumReuters

Israeli police and the Shabak (Shin Bet) internal security agency are planning a large-scale security operation together with the US Secret Service to secure US President Donald Trump's two-day visit to Israel later this month, Walla! reported Friday.

The operation, named "Blue Shield," will involve deploy 10,000 Israeli police officers under orders of Israeli Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh.

A command center will be set up at the Jerusalem International Convention Center (Binyanei Hauma).

Trump is scheduled to arrive at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport on May 22.

Israeli aviation authorities will close the country's airspace during Trump's arrival from Saudi Arabia via Air Force One.

An official welcoming ceremony will then be held, attended by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

Trump will then fly via helicopter to Jerusalem's King David Hotel, where he will be staying. If weather conditions do not permit helicopter travel, Trump and his entourage will take Highway 1 from the airport to Jerusalem.

This will be Trump's first presidential trip outside the US, and Israel will be his second stop, just after Saudi Arabia. After leaving Israel on the afternoon of May 23, Trump is scheduled to visit Italy and Belgium.

During his stay in Israel, Trump intends to visit the Western Wall. He may also visit the military cemetery at Mount Herzl, Yad Vashem, Masada, Beit Lehem (Bethlehem), and the Knesset.

Trump is expected to meet Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on the second day of his trip.

The presidential visit is expected to cause traffic disruptions in Jerusalem, and if Trump decides to visit Yad Vashem, the museum will close to other visitors throughout the length of the day.