Foreign Ministry spokesman Emanuel Nachshon
Foreign Ministry spokesman Emanuel NachshonYonatan Sindal/Flash 90

The Foreign Ministry defended the appointment of Jeremy Issacharoff, the new ambassador to Germany, after the appointment was criticized for the fact that Issacharoff is the father of a spokesman for the radical leftist anti-IDF organization Breaking the Silence.

The Maariv Hebrew newspaper reported Issacharoff's appointment by the government and by the ministerial committee which handles appointments to the civil service on Sunday. The newspaper noted his son's role in Breaking the Silence.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Emanuel Nachshon responded to criticism of the appointment by saying: "Unfortunately, the Israeli media have chosen the method of persecution and contempt for someone whose contribution to the State of Israel and its security is enormous, who is a gifted diplomat, a decent and honest man, and a senior official in my ministry. Issacharoff served in many diplomatic positions, and until recently served as deputy director general of the Foreign Ministry."

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel insisted on conducting a meeting with Breaking the Silence during his visit to Israel last month despite the objections of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

The Foreign Ministry had warned Gabriel that his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu could not proceed if he insisted on meeting with Breaking the Silence and other radical leftist groups which accuse the IDF of war crimes and crimes against humanity, but he refused to cancel his meeting with the organizations, and his meeting with Netanyahu was consequently canceled.

Issacharoff's appointment comes at a sensitive time in German-Israeli relations, as Israel has been angered by German funding of radical NGOs within Israel which make false accusations against the IDF and deliberately stage provocations to try to blacken the name of the Israel Defense Forces.