Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey on Friday spoke at a Limmud FSU conference in New York.

"As a Jewish member of the house of representatives.... I have a responsibility to better the world for all current and future generations, for Jews and non-Jews alike," Lowey said. "It's an important principle in my role as representative for the residents of my district, as well as for my responsibility as ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee and of State and Foreign Operations Subcommittee."

"The only thing I can be sure of is the money the Israel-US relationship, all the money and foreign aid and military assistance will be secured because they're strong bipartisan support and I'm proud of that... But I'm not supposed to be giving you a speech on that.

"There is a person we all admired, who was driven by the ideals of tikkun olam, repairing the world. And that was Elie Wiesel. Elie was the embodiment of perseverance, in the darkest and most brutal chapter in human history. Someone who devoted his life advocating for human rights and dignity. I met with him in Washington, in small groups and large groups, and how proud we all were and are of his legacy.

"Limmud FSU has really done a mitzvah in opening the Elie Wiesel exhibit in Moscow... I do want to see the exhibit in Moscow, that I'm sure is extraordinary, which would provide an opportunity for the Russian community to learn about Elie's unrivaled fight for peace, justice, and decency.

"I will forever consider myself privileged to have known Elie, and I'm so proud to be an original co-sponsor...of a bill to commission a statue or a bus in honor of Elie that will be placed in the US capital. How important it will be for people to walk by that statue and remember Elie and all the extraordinary legacy he leaves with us.

"In Elie's memory, let us recommit ourselves to the hallowed promise of 'Never again.'"