Hundreds of anti-Zionist extremists demonstrated outside of the IDF compound in Tzrifin Wednesday night to protest the draft of yeshiva students.

The IDF base in Tzrifin includes Prison Four, a military jail housing many of the haredi draft-dodgers affiliated with the Yerushalmi Faction.

During the demonstration, dozens of protesters broke into the compound, causing disruptions in the base.

Base security officials and police units deployed to the scene removed demonstrators from the IDF base and pushed the demonstration back away from the base’s perimeter. Police have opened an investigation into the break-in.

According to a report by Channel 2, the demonstration was held in protest of the arrest of a young woman of Ethiopian descent, who has been held in military prison for a month and a half.

While the woman is not a member of the haredi community, she is religiously observant.

Draft office officials claim the woman filed her request for an exemption on religious grounds too late, and that the request was rejected.

Students who study full time in yeshivas and young women who declare that they are religious at the Rabbinate are exempt from the draft, but the young men must register at the draft board, be interviewed and formally request an exemption so their attendance at studies can be monitored. This is the usual procedure for decades. The Yerushalmi faction encourages illegal behavior by telling its supporters to refuse to appear at the draft offices and to tear up their IDF notices..