A 14-year old boy was found Thursday in a sealed-off, dilapidated apartment in the coastal town of Hadera.

The boy, who was living in the apartment with his parents, was apparently barred from ever leaving, and may have never set foot in the outside world.

The parents, immigrants from the former Soviet Union in their 60s have been detained by authorities for questioning. Social workers have taken the boy for treatment and observation at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera.

An initial investigation of the family and questioning of the parents suggests the boy may have never set foot outside of the apartment since he was brought there after his birth. Police noted that the boy was never registered in any state school.

Authorities discovered the boy only after neighbors complained of a rancid stench emanating from the apartment. City officials who arrived to examine the neighbors’ claims found the apartment had been sealed shut and were forced to call police and the local fire department to break through the front door.

Inside, police found the boy and his parents.