Elhai Taharlev with fellow soldiers
Elhai Taharlev with fellow soldiers Courtesy of the family

An indictment was filed in the military court Thursday against Malik Hamed, the terrorist who carried out a ramming attack near Ofra last month in which Elhai Taharlev was murdered.

The terrorist, who was arrested immediately after the attack, was charged with the murder of Taharlev as well as attempting to murder the soldier who was wounded in the attack and two other civilians whom he tried to run over.

Hamed is also accused of trying to murder civilians and soldiers on two other occasions in the months preceding the attack. The indictment alleges that in those cases he set out to carry out a stabbing attack and another terrorist attack which he did not carry out in the end. He was also charged with security offenses for his membership in groups affiliated with the Hamas terrorist organization.

When the indictment was filed, the Military Prosecution requested that Hamed's detention be extended until the end of the proceedings against him.

"The IDF shares the sorrow of the Taharlev family and the pain of the soldier who was wounded in the terrorist attack and will continue to act resolutely in order to bring the terrorist operatives to justice," the indictment states.