The Israel Nature and National Parks Authority (INPA) toured the Masada National Park Wednesday in preparation for the possibility that US President Donald Trump will visit the site as part of his short visit to Israel later this month.

INPA has already begun making preparations and logistical arrangements for the US President's visit, and has been coordinating with the relevant authorities involved, including the Prime Minister's Office and the Foreign Ministry.

Trump would be the third US President to visit Masada. The previous presidents who toured the site were Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Trump's visit is expected to differ from the visits of his predecessors, who only toured the historical site. He is expected to be the first US President to make a presidential speech at Masada.

Masada National Park was the last bastion of the Jewish freedom fighters who fought against the Roman army during the Great Revolt from 66-73 CE. The remains of magnificent palaces from the reign of King Herod which adorn the mountaintop are evidence of the siege and the tragic end of the Jewish fighters who preferred to end their lives rather than become slaves to the Romans once they realized the battle was lost.

"It is a great privilege for us to host the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump, at [one of] the most important archaeological and historical heritage sites of the Jewish people," said Eitan Campbell, director of the Masada National Park. "This is a complex logistical task which involves many factors, but we in the Israel Nature and Parks Authority are experienced in hosting visits of this magnitude and importance, since in the past we were privileged to host world leaders."