THe motorcycle at accident scene
THe motorcycle at accident scene MDA Spokesman

A motorcyclist was critically injured today (Monday) by a truck on Route 20, near the Glilot East interchange, on the way up to Shivat Hakochavim.

Paramedics and MDA paramedics performed several CPR operations and evacuated him in critical condition to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv.

Upon his arrival at the hospital, CPR continued, but doctors were forced to declare the rider's death.

Idan, a MDA paramedic who arrived at the scene, said: "As I drove by I saw an accident. On the road I saw a man of about 40, lying unconscious, without a pulse or breathing, suffering severe injuries.

"I immediately began giving him life-saving medical treatment that included advanced operations. An intensive care unit of MDA that arrived at the same time continued the medical treatment and evacuated him during resuscitation operations to the hospital as his condition was defined as critical," said the paramedic.

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