Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud Abbas Reuters

Palestinian Authority senior representative Hassin Alsheikh on Monday spoke about Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' decision to exempt Gazan citizens from paying taxes to Hamas.

"Our decision to exempt Gazan residents from paying tax was intended to make a point to Gaza, and not to harm the Gazan citizens," Alsheikh said. "We want to put pressure on Hamas in response to their recent decisions."

"The publication of Hamas' new charter, just when Abbas was scheduled to meet with US President Donald Trump, was intended to harm Abbas' success in the meeting."

On Saturday, Abbas signed an order exempting Gazan citizens from paying several different taxes, the revenue of which goes directly to Hamas, who uses the money for their own purposes.

Following Abbas' order, Hamas Treasurer Youssuf Al-Kieli announced that Abbas' order was illegal and therefore would not be implemented.