Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's Reuters

MK Mickey Rosenthal ("Zionist Camp") claimed today that according to information he received, the police has decided to recommend indictments against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

"The police have been asked to complete these and other investigations, but the police have decided to recommend indictments against Netanyahu on two counts - for accepting a forbidden gift and for breaching trust," said Rosenthal at a "Culture Shabbat" in Modi'in.

"The Attorney General still stands between the police recommendation and the indictment. There have been cases in the past, even cases involving Netanyahu in the Amadi affair and in other cases, which eventually came to a police recommendation, and ended with a public report and not a recommendation to prosecute ... I do not know how it will end this time, but I know what the police are going to recommend. You'll be able to check if I was right in about two-and-a-half months." In the Amadi affair, Netanyahu was suspected of exploiting his position as prime minister to obtain benefits from a trucker, Avner Amadi.

A response to MK Rosenthal was released on behalf of the Prime Minister: "One could think, 'What a surprise.' After two months of police leaks that they will recommend trial, does anyone think they will have the courage to climb down from the tree and admit there was nothing? As for the new spokesman for the police speaking on his own behalf, Mickey Rosenthal, and his left-wing colleagues, we say - seek your salvation elsewhere."