Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg meets Shimon Peres
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg meets Shimon Peres Flash 90

The founder and director of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the company would recruit 3,000 new workers whose role will be to track all the content which is transferred by live broadcast to their site.

The new workers will be recruited in addition to the 4,500 workers who are employed in monitoring reports arriving on the site from users warning about content which breaches the user conditions of Facebook.

The decision to increase the number of workers was taken due to severe criticism levelled at Zuckerberg after cases of murder and suicide were broadcast live on Facebook.

"We are working on the ability to report these clips more easily so that we can do the right thing quicker, whether it requires a quick response to a person in need of help or whether it involves removing a post," explained Zuckerberg.