Haredim protest draft
Haredim protest draft Flash90

Police have opened an enquiry into an incident which occurred on Remembrance Day in Beit Shemesh. Posters hung around the city by anonymous elements called for a protest against 27 haredi police officers who completed a police course. The policemen were termed "dead persons" by the authors of the posters.

The group of haredim recently completed their course as part of their alternative national service in civilian security roles. During the course of their service they are expected to serve two years as patrol policemen. The posters termed the college were they studied their course a "center of calamities."

At present 175 haredi policemen serve in the police. Despite the fact that opposition to police in extremist haredi circles is weaker, the police are not dismissing the incitement against haredim serving in the police force and have opened an investigation.

Interior Security Minister Gilad Erdan has said in the past that he will take legal action against those who attack haredi soldiers around the country. Erdan comdemned the posters in Beit Shemesh and the fact that they were publicized on Remembrance Day.

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