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Less than half of prospective lawyers pass the bar exam successfully.

Out of 3,436 internists, 2,094 were taking the exam for the first time - but only 56% of them passed the test.

The Israel Bar Association said 39% (1,342 people) of those who took the test had already taken it once, and 79% of the examinees (2,716) studied in a college instead of in a university.

40% of the college-educated examinees passed the test, compared to 82% of the 1,076 university-educated examinees.

Of the 1,575 first-time test takers, 50% passed the test. Of the 32 educated abroad who were testing in Israel for the first time, 6% passed the test.

Of those who were retaking the test, 42% passed; of the 724 of the examinees taking the test for the third time or more, 14% passed.

"The Israel Bar Association congratulates those interns who passed the test. We wish them much success in their oral tests, which will be held in the coming days," an Israel Bar Association representative said.

"It is worth noting that from the next testing period, we will change the bar exams to reflect the change in the law. We are sure that the new tests will accurately reflect students' knowledge, understanding, and legal abilities, and allow each student to make the most of his legal potential and the knowledge he or she acquired during their years of training."