In honor of the 69th anniversary since Israeli independence, an Arab woman has posted a video in which she fearlessly declares her love for the State of Israel and blasts the hypocrisy of the Arab world.

“My name is Sarah Zoabi. I am an Arab, Muslim, Israeli, proud Zionist,” she declares, as she stands in front of the Knesset building in Jerusalem. “I believe with my whole heart in the right of the Jewish people to a sovereign state in the Holy Land of Israel.”

“It is a right that G-d promised and gave to the Jewish people - not a kindness - the right of the Jewish people to the land of Israel.”

“The State of Israel is here to stay,” she says.

“How can I not love you, Israel?” she asks. “Even though you suffer from Arab and Muslim terror from within and without, you do not distinguish between sex, race, and religion. You respect, welcome, and embrace me as an Arab, Muslim woman.”

“Israel, my heart is full of love for you, a tiny country, but huge in the size of its good deeds - and you do a lot of good in the world. I stand proud next to your flag.

“There will never be another country like you. They boycotted you, blamed you, fought you, and attacked you. It was all unjustified.”

Zoabi then addresses the Arab world, slamming it for its lack of conscience even as it dares to call Israel an “apartheid state.”

“I call to you, Arabs of the world! You should be ashamed of your silence, and that an Israeli woman cries out for your conscience and your heart, which is no longer there.

“There is a river of blood spilled every day in the Arab and Muslim world in the name of religion and you don’t do anything. You are not ashamed that the State of Israel is treating thousands of wounded Syrians and you, the Arab countries, refuse to accept them for treatment and close your borders without giving them any help?! And then you claim that Israel is an apartheid state which occupies land belonging to others and does not respect human rights?!

“I pray G-d will protect us, and the people of Israel, and keep and protect our Prime Minister and our leaders, and that G-d will light their way,” she adds. “My beloved Israel, may you be eternal and glorious forever, and may you be blessed every year with prosperity. I swear I’ll watch over you with every part of my being because you respect and guard my dignity and my rights.”

“‘Am Yisrael Hai,’” she concludes. “May the State of Israel live forever.”