The captured cars
The captured carsIDF spokesperson

At the end of last week, dozens of Arabs from the Binyamin-region Arab town of Sinjil threw rocks at Jewish vehicles on Route 60.

Route 60 is one of the region's main roads.

The IDF quickly located several of the suspects, and carried out a wide-scale operation in the area, arresting six Arabs suspected of throwing rocks at Jews.

Over 15 vehicles used in attacks were confiscated.

"IDF forces will continue to operate in Sinjil," an IDF spokesman said. "We understand that we need to be continuously present in order to change the region's security situation for the better."

Binyamin Brigade Commander Colonel Yuval Gaz said, "We in the Binyamin Region Brigade will not tolerate attacks on civilians or the disruption of normal life in the area."

"We will continue to thwart terror attacks and close down terror cells which threaten the region's security.

"We will work day and night in order to provide the best intelligence possible and to ensure we are able to stop terrorist and thwart attacks on anything which will harm Binyamin Region residents."

Netzah Yehuda Commander Lieutenant-Colonel Itamar Deshel said, "We entered Sinjil by Friday night, looking to find the rock throwers. We confiscated more than ten stolen vehicles and we published notices which will help us capture the perpetrators. We will find each and every one of them."