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The Office of the Mayor in Beer Sheva is holding a meeting which sees the participation of 8 council members who signed a petition calling on Mayor Rubik Danilovich to cancel the allotment of a municipal shelter to host the activities of the “Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality.”

Organizations hosted at the site have included radical left-wing groups such as “Adalah,” “Rabbis for Human Rights,” “The Association for Civil Rights,” “Checkpoint Watch,” and “Breaking the Silence.”

Shimon Tobol, a member of the council representing the Shas party, told Arutz Sheva, “We have received information that the Forum is participating with radical leftist organizations and bringing here all sorts of organizations which hurt the country’s security, and slander IDF soldiers and police. It cannot be that a body that acts against the State of Israel gets a facility from the municipality. We gave the Mayor all the documents and we hope that the correct decision will be made.”

He said that the Forum, which is supposed to be an example of tolerance, is behaving in an opposite fashion. “Instead of dealing with unity and tolerance, they’re bringing to Beer Sheva delusional people who are fighting against their own country. At the events of Umm Al-Hiran they called to demonstrate against Israeli Police and IDF soldiers.”

“At conventions they hold, they call IDF soldiers war criminals. We will not support them. They are getting money from anti-Semitic organizations from across the world, so they should fund a meeting place at their own expense. They don’t need any allotment from the city.”