Noach family
Noach familyHezki Baruch

Shira Noach, a student of the Bnei Akiva Ulpana (religious girls' highs chool) Tzfira, conducted a meticulous research project on the life of fallen IDF soldier Oren Noach, who died in Operation Protective Edge.

As part of the special project held at the Ulpana for Memorial Day next week, Shira documented information about Oren's life, mainly from his parents Chava and Yigal, residents of the town of Hoshaya in the Galilee.

"They told us to choose a song about a fallen soldier and I thought about Oren, who wrote the song 'Tikkunot,'" Shira told Arutz Sheva. "We are cousins, but most of the things [I found out about him] I did not know about. Writing this paper, I learned what Oren liked to do, where he sang and where he fell."

"Shira approached us and received our blessing," says Oren's parents, Hava and Yigal. "They asked us to come and take part in the project. We sent pictures, objects and writings made by Oren. We are very excited, and we revealed everything we could. "

The bereaved parents spoke about their daily coping with the loss of their son. "We have Memorial Days 365 days a year, each of us has the picture of Oren everywhere, but even without it Oren's pictures pass through my mind."

"This period of time is more emotional. He had a birthday a few days before Pesach and at Seder night we leave a chair not only for Elijah the Prophet but also for Oren. Immediately after Pesach, we marked the anniversary of the establishment of the observatory that was dedicated in his memory. We are doing everything we need to tell about Oren and the fallen of Operation Protective Edge."