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Conservative pundit Anne Coulter has cancelled a planned event at UC Berkeley after one of the event's sponsors, the Young America’s Foundation, pulled its support for the event, Fox News reported.

The YAF stated that it pulled its support for the event due to threats of violence.

The event was originally supposed to take place tomorrow, but the school demanded that it be postponed by a month following an outcry against Coulter's planned visit by left-wing students and activists.

Coulter and her supporters had initially fought against the school's decision and sought a court order to force the school to allow the event to take place.

The YAF and the executive board of the College Republicans released a joint statement saying that they were pulling their support for the event in light of Berkeley's failure to meet their demands to provide a safe place for the event to take place.

"Ms. Coulter may still choose to speak in some form on campus, but Young America's Foundation will not jeopardize the safety of its staff or students," the statement said.

Coulter expressed disappointment in the loss of the support of the conservative organizations on the campus.

“I looked over my shoulder and my allies had joined the other team,” Coulter wrote in an email.

She said that despite the cancellation of the event, she would still arrive on the campus. “I think I’m still going to Berkeley, but there will be no speech."

UC Berkely has been the site of several violent clashes between anti-Trump activists and supporters of US President Donald Trump in recent months.

The office of the president of the University of California released a statement saying it welcomes speakers of all political viewpoints and "is committed to providing a forum to enable Ann Coulter to speak on the Berkeley campus."

The statement continued: "The campus seeks to ensure that all members of the Berkeley and larger community -- including Ms. Coulter herself -- remain safe during such an event." The Young America 's Foundation seems to have seen that statement as inadequate.

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