Liberman with Russian Defense Minister
Liberman with Russian Defense Minister Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman who is visiting Moscow and participating in an International Defense Conference taking place there, met Wednesday with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoygu and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

During the course of the meetings, Liberman discussed the situation in Syria with the ministers as well as security coordination between the IDF and the Russian army.

Liberman expressed his concern about Iranian military activity in Syria as well as Iran's use of Syria as a base for smuggling weapons to the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Liberman added that "we will not allow concentrations of Iranian forces and Hezbollah on the borders of the Golan Heights."

Nine meetings have taken place so far between IDF representatives and representatives of the Russian army. This system has proved itself as "the most effective system for preventing unnecessary disputes," added Liberman.

During the meeting with Lavrov, Liberman discussed the situation on the Gaza border. "Hamas is levying taxes from Gaza strip residents, but instead of using them to improve the living conditions in the strip, it is investing in developing rockets and digging tunnels."