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Washington University Students for Israel President Paul Felder told The Algemeiner on Monday that the campus' Hillel staff did the right then when they refused to fund a J Street event featuring leftist NGO "Breaking the Silence."

J Street is a Hillel-affiliated group.

The proposed event will be held despite Hillel's refusal to fund it and will run from April 25-27.

It will commemorate the Six Day War as the beginning of Israel's "occupation."

"Hillel does not provide any funding to groups that support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which BtS (Breaking the Silence) is firmly behind," Felder said.

"Hillel does an incredible job creating an open dialogue for students to share their love of Israel, and their legitimate criticism. J Street U members should recognize that [they are assisting] a campaign on college campuses to demonize their friends and family serving in the IDF."

Felder also said Hillel often invites IDF soldiers to the campus to speak "about the IDF Code of Ethics and the extreme measures they take to defend civilian lives."

This year, Felder noted, the event was disrupted by members of "Students for Justice in Palestine."

One J Street member wrote in Washington University's student newspaper, "[W]e were told that the event would be too radical and divisive… Respectfully, that’s unacceptable."

According to J Street, "Breaking the Silence" will continue on a tour of US campuses and synagogues after their event in Washington University.

In January 2017, Breaking the Silence publicized a video claiming that "stabbing an IDF soldier is not a terror attack."