Deputy Minister Michael Oren
Deputy Minister Michael OrenHezki Baruch

Deputy Minister Michael Oren (Kulanu) backed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's decision to cancel the meeting with German Foreign Minister Siegmar Gabriel because Gabriel met with extreme leftist organizations Breaking the Silence and B'Tselem.

After the cancellation of the meeting, the Prime Minister called the German Foreign Minister to clarify matters, but the latter refused to answer.

Deputy Minister Oren told Army Radio Wednesday that "it is impossible for people of foreign countries to come here and interfere in internal politics."

According to Oren, the German official's visit to Israel was intended to advance his political standing in his country. "There are political leaders who have internal problems so they come here and intervene.

"He comes and says that he meets with the heads of the non-profit organizations, but let's face it - they come here and meet only with certain associations, a certain faction of the Israeli political spectrum. When did the German Foreign Minister ever come here and meet with the head of a right-wing organization? Never."