German Foreign Minister Simgar Gabriel
German Foreign Minister Simgar Gabriel Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Matan Peleg, director general of the Im Tirtzu movement, appealed Tuesday to the German Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, and attacked his hypocrisy in insisting that it was normal for him to meet with radical leftist groups while visiting Israel.

"We read your response to your meeting with the organizations which you called 'civil society representatives,' and we want to tell you that we in the Im Tirtzu movement, the Zionist movement,...believe that your statements were totally wrong, not to mention hypocritical and insulting."

"The German government chooses to fund only political propaganda organizations in Israel that promote harsh criticism against Israel, including false allegations of war crimes, ethnic cleansing and other crimes against humanity, including organizations that are funded by your foreign government," Peleg said in his letter. "They act n Israeli courts to change the character of the State of Israel and change its policy regarding the war on terrorism."

"Among the political propaganda organizations that you fund, there is not a single civil organization that is a constructive organization of criticism, but only organizations that constitute de-legitimization organizations that are perceived in Israeli society as radical and anti-establishment organizations."

In his letter, Peleg asked the German foreign minister whether he was prepared for the Israeli government to undermine the sovereignty of his country: "Would you have been willing to have the Israeli prime minister sponsor German propaganda organizations accusing Germany of crimes against humanity? [Would you tolerate an Israeli campaign to] accuse the chancellor of violating the human rights of millions of Syrian refugees, which you paid Turkey in order to keep them out of Germany? Would you accept it if the government of Israel would finance German propaganda organizations to persuade the German public to vote for leaving the EU?"

Peleg stressed that "these are not naive organizations that are interested in improving Israel, but organizations that operate in Israel as an umbrella for all purposes aimed at realizing Germany's political agenda, even though it was legitimately rejected by the Israeli voters in legitimate elections."

"This is subversion for its own sake. It is a breach of fundamental agreements between democracies that are not supposed to interfere in the internal affairs of friendly countries. Your insistence [on meeting with these organizations] is irrelevant, and it is the act of a persona non grata."